The theatre / Auditorium
190 fully upholstered seats on a tiered structure – with a further 6 ‘wheelchair spaces’ at floor level. The first 6 rows (72 seats) are on a retractable unit allowing a function / performance area (50m2 approx) when seats are retracted. A maximum of 200 seats can be provided.

Proscenium Arch
Working area of 6.97m (narrowing to 6.1m at cyclorama ) wide x 6.05 deep
Front edge of stage to back wall: 8.6m
No rake
Wooden floor (can be painted to suit production – consult stage manager)
Wing depth – 1m
Crossover at upstage
Stage area heated
Access for performers / scenery is from the backstage area and scene dock.
The backstage area could be used to extend the ‘Performing Area’.
6 x double 13A general use sockets
6 x double 13A ‘Sound Equipment’ socketsGrid
Height of grid – 5.0m Penn Fabrication Trussing (9m wide x 4.5m deep
Height to masking borders – 4.150m.Stage Curtains, Tracks and Masking
House Tabs (plum velour) on handline – Hall T60 track (complete wipe into proscenium legs)
Front Tabs on handline – Hall T60 track (black wool serge)
Rear Tabs on handline – Hall T60 track (black wool serge)
Leg curtains – 1.4m wide – on Hall swivel arms – 4 per side (black wool serge)
Upstage cyclorama – single wipe – bleached white cotton canvas

Via 3m wide gate to loading doors (2.5m wide x 2.25m high)
Parking facilities for visiting company vehicles is available on our own grounds.

Production lighting
Operated from an open-fronted ‘Control Gallery’ located above the rear seats in the auditorium:

Zero 88 Leap Frog console
Rank Strand GSX console complete with 14″ SVGA monitor
channels of ‘Genius’ operating software
‘Communique’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’ communication and effects

200 memories, 24 sub-masters, sequential playback, manual playback, programmable effects, disk storage
DMX patch points on stage and in orchestra gallery

Rank strand LD90 dimmer racks each with 24 x 2.5kw rated dimmers in groups of 8

2x Mac 250+ Profile Spots
2 x Robe 250XT Profile Spots
2 x Coemar ProWash 250 Wash Lights
4 x EVL Scanners 511HP 250w

Generic Luminaires
‘Front of House’ – 16 circuits (8 per side) ie
8 x Cantata 26/44 – 1.2kw variable beam profile a
8 x Leko 1kw fixed beam profile mounted on vertical poles per side
Advance Bar – 4 x Source 4 Junior 25/50 Zoom Profiles
No.1 Bar – 8 circuits
No.2 Bar – 8 Circuits
No.3 Bar – 4 Circuits (on 12 ways)
Low Levels – 12 circuits (6 per side)
‘Backstage Bar’ – for back projection – and ‘wing bars’ use existing circuits on extension leads.
2 x Prelude 18/30 650w proflie spotlights
2 x ADB 1.2kw profile spotlights
24 x Par 64 1kw Par Cans
6 x Par 64 Floor Cans
24 x Par 56 300w Par Cans
12 x Par 16 50w ‘Birdies’
12 x Quartet F 650w fresnel spotlights
5 x Prelude 650w fresnel spotlights
5 x Quartet PC 650w prism convex spotlights
6 x Patt 123 650w profile spotlights
12 x Coda 500/1 asymmetric flood lights
2 x Teatro Riga (3 cell x 500w) Floodlight/Groundrow Battens
2 x Follow Spot positions in auditorium (1 Selecon Pacific Followspot available – 1Kw Blue Pinch Lamp Base)